Garden Confetti Salad


Summer is a time when dinner is simple, salads are plentiful and the stove remains off. Summer veggies just roll out of the garden one right after another.  It’s time to eat the bounty till your full. And my garden has exploded! The peas are winning the war. The carrots are organizing a prison break. And the beets refuse to march in line. When I harvest now I take home buckets, not baskets, of produce. I’ve stopped shopping in the vegetable section of the grocery store for fear of a coup.

So here’s a quick salad for your garden surplus, or your weekend shopping trip to the farmers market. Use the freshest veggies you can find. Full of beets, carrots, cabbage and peas, this crisp and refreshing raw salad comes together in minutes. Yogurt, mayonaise and dijon mustard add a tangy, creamy note. Add cold shredded chicken or hardboiled eggs to this salad for the perfect cold supper on a hot summer’s night. Cooking from the garden is just this easy.


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