Savory Herb Cheese Lard Biscuits


Even after a week of freezing weather and two snow storms, my little herb garden is still producing.  Not wanting to temp fate, I promptly picked some rosemary and chive herbs to make these savory herb cheese lard biscuits for breakfast.  

And yes, I used lard (my own homemade lard from pastured hogs), because lard gives the best texture, making crisp, crumbly and flaky pastries.  Also, a little pork flavor in the background gives these biscuits real substance, especially when paired with strong cheese and herbs.  If you choose to use butter, I recommend a high-fat butter, like cultured butter, which will give you more flakiness.  Duck, goose, beef or chicken fat, or unrefined coconut oil, would also be fantastic here.

These biscuits come together in about 35 minutes, including baking, making them a fantastic “fast food.”  Equally good for breakfast, lunch or dinner, they are loaded with good fats from pastured hog lard, organic backyard chicken egg, organic milk and well-aged cheese.  Consider these biscuits an updated, unprocessed nutrition bar to get you through the day!

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