Candied Beets


It’s almost the winter solstice and my fridge is still hiding a few gems from my summer garden. The produce bin sports a couple dozen carrots, three purple cabbages and a big bag of beets. I love beets, but my family are not fans. So I concocted a dehydrated candied beet that is sweet, chewy and salty, making the earthiness of the beet a little more accessible. I use these beets julienned in salads, chopped and folded into hot rice (pink!) with green onions and soy sauce, and stacked on rye bread with goat cheese, greens and mustard. If you don’t have beets, try other root vegetables like parsnips, rutabaga or sweet potatoes. These are also great spiced with chili, curry, mustard or warm spices like cinnamon or coriander.

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