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Candied Beets

It’s almost the winter solstice and my fridge is still hiding a few gems from my summer garden. The produce bin sports a couple dozen carrots, three purple cabbages and a big bag of beets. I love beets, but my family are not fans. So I concocted a dehydrated candied beet that is sweet, chewy and salty, making the earthiness of the beet a little more accessible. Read more ›

Dried Strawberries

Strawberry season is in full swing!  Well, not in Minnesota.  My strawberry plants are still sleeping under six inches of snow.   But strawberries are plentiful in Florida, Louisiana and California right now.  And while we do have to truck them into the state, the season makes them fresh and affordable.  Read more ›

Dried Apples and Apple Dust

I am constantly creating new healthy items that are easy to pop into lunches or have for snacks.  Since it’s the middle of winter, my local apple orchard isn’t exactly open.  But my coop had several bags of “seconds” organic apples for only 99¢ a pound.  Time to fire up the dehydrator. Read more ›

Bresaola Heaven

Bresaola is remarkable food.  Like a woodsy prosciutto with a full beef flavor, bresaola is silky, herbaceous and complex.  This cured meat knocked me off my feet.  I made this myself?  So cool. Read more ›