Warm Spice Bacon


In the spirit of winter, I’m making a Warm Spice Bacon, flavored with allspice, chiles, coriander, mace, pepper and maple syrup.  Winter came ridiculously early this year in Minnesota, so I’m making bacon to cheer myself up a bit.  Happy holidays to me!

Curing my own meats is such a pleasure.  I want to encourage everyone to make a little charcuterie at home.  I covet the giant pork belly we get every year from our half a hog harvest from Snake River Farm.  Ask your local butcher to order you a quality pork belly.  Order a little pink curing salt from Butcher and Packer.  It’s cheap and will make dozens of batches of bacon.  It’s easy, truly.  Besides, it’s bacon! Surely bacon is worth it. 

Also, my cat Mr. Spot likes bacon.  Smart kitty.

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