Paté Campagne


Pate Campagne

It’s time once again for this month’s Charcutepalooza challenge-packing!  No, not packing for your trip to Paris (darn!)  I mean packing lovely porkie goodness into a terrine for paté, in my case.  I used Mrs. Wheelbarrow’s Paté Campagne recipe, but instead of prunes I used red flame and golden raisins, instead of Armagnac I used red wine, and instead of pancetta, I used applewood smoked bacon.  Unfortunately, I must have chosen my pork shoulder poorly, because the texture of my paté was a little stiff, not that unctuous spread I’m familiar with.  I think I needed more fat.  But cie la vie!  The flavor was fantastic and even a minor failure still eats pretty good.

The technique was straight forward.  Season the meat and let it rest over night.  Saute the veggies and herbs, add the wine, reduce and cool.  Grind the meat cold.  Mix in the liquid.  Pack the terrine tightly with the mixture leaving no air pockets.  Bake in a water bath.  Let cool, then weight the terrine in the fridge.  Eat.  Way easier than stuffing sausages!  Let’s see if I can get my 5 year old to eat it tonight.  Cross your fingers.

Making Pate Campagne
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