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Hickory Smoked Black Cured Ham

Spring is finally here! In my house, that means digging to the bottom of the freezer for a big pork leg or shoulder to cure up a smoked ham. Ham pairs beautifully with spring vegetables like asparagus, artichokes and peas. Read more ›

Winter Charcuterie Dinner Party

The final challenge for Charcutepalooza was to make a whole mess of charcuterie items and throw a party to celebrate the makings.  Thank goodness I had a whole month to prepare, because that’s how long it took me to do it all.  If I had not done the eleven preceding challenges, this final project would have been impossible.  Read more ›

Pork Jam

This rillette’s recipe came from Charcuterie by Ruhlman/Polcyn, but there are lots of good recipes out there.  In fact, you barely need a recipe.  What you do need it the right cut of meat.  Read more ›

Pate Campagne

Paté Campagne

It’s time once again for this month’s Charcutepalooza challenge-packing!  No, not packing for your trip to Paris (darn!)  I mean packing lovely porkie goodness into a terrine for paté, in my case.  I used Mrs. Wheelbarrow’s Paté Campagne recipe, but instead of prunes I used red flame and golden raisins, Read more ›

Grilled Vegetable Terrine

Grilled Vegetable Terrine

I was a little late doing my Charcutepalooza challenge last month.  The assignment was to make either headcheese or a seafood terrine.  It was ridiculously hot and humid in July, so I couldn’t bring myself to boil pigs feet for hours on end, no matter how tasty the result. Read more ›

Home cured mortadella

Mortadella for Charcutepalooza

I’ve been part of this crazy Charcutepalooza group since January 2011, where we work our way through Michael Ruhlman’s “Charcuterie” book, one challenge a month. So far we’ve made duck ham, bacon, corned beef, chorizo, chicken sausage and mortadella. Read more ›

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