Tomato Gastrique


Last week I had the pleasure of spending an afternoon with Lynn Rossetto Kasper and Sally Swift of The Splendid Table, at a guided tomato tasting event for Muir Glen Organic, the brand I work on.  Lynn and Sally walked us through an array of simple tomato-based sauces that you can make in a snap that are anything but marinara. 

The most surprising sauce of the day was a Tomato Gastrique. More like a condiment than a sauce, a gastrique is a traditional French preparation of apple cider vinegar and honey, often flavored with fruit purees and herbs.  An orange flavored version is in the classic Duck a la Orange dish.

When they passed the sauce around for us to taste, it completely surprised me. It tasted nothing like I had imaged.  It was floral, fruity and tangy. I had never thought to use tomatoes!  I ate every drop, then immediately went home and made it again.

The sauce is an extremely easy one to make, and you can do it ahead of time.  We ate a plain version on some rich pastured pork chops with tarragon.  You’ll like the plate. Seriously good. Try different honeys, herbs and spices.  This sweet and sour sauce will take you around the world if you let it!

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