Winter Cure of Preserved Meyer Lemons


Preserved lemons are the darlings of the citrus season.  They make the perfect counterpoint to a dreary winter’s day by adding wonderful bright flavors to slow cooked dishes like beans and grains, braised meats, salads, pancakes and sweets.  And they make a fabulous addition to a martini.  

Most preserved lemon recipes call for leaving the lemons mostly whole, but you use only the peel.  To save a step and make them a little quicker to use in week night meals, I juice the lemons then scrape out the membranes.  This way I can grab a peel and go, without having to deal with the pulp.  A recipe for Lentils with Hot Paprika and Preserved Lemons follows the instructions for preserving the lemons.  The dish is a perfect antidote for the winter blues.

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