Fruit Kombucha


March 28, 2015

I’ve been brewing kombucha for a few years now and have my system down pat. I make two gallons at a time in sun tea jars with taps at the bottom. The thick and healthy mother (scobys) in each jar churn out a gallon of kombucha in one to two weeks. Although I change up the flavors by varying my tea types and sugar sources, kombucha can get little boring after a while when you drink it regularly. Time to jazz up the kombucha!

Enter, fruit. Adding fruit to kombucha was a revelation. While I’ve seen this suggested in recipes and tried it from a few tap kombucha distributers, I had never tried making it myself. One quiet Sunday I spent the morning whipping up three types of fruit kombucha; raspberry, mango and white grapefruit ginger. The basic ratio is 1/3rd fruit puree or juice to 2/3rds kombucha. Spices, herbs and other flavorings like citrus peel can also be added.

Wow. Even my skeptical 8 year old loved the results. With no extra sugar added, the fruit carbonated and sweetened the kombucha, making a delicious soda alternative that many claim is loaded with probiotic goodness. My family now has glasses of fruit kombucha for breakfast. I like it over ice as an afternoon refresher. And of course it goes great in cocktails – think gin and kombucha collins on the rocks. My spring just got a whole lot better.  

Next up?  Vegetable kombucha!

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