Home-Brewed Pineapple Vinegar


My family enjoys living a frugal life-style when we can.  We recycle packaging, compost food scraps, feed our leftover brewing grain to our chickens and upcycle scrap wood and household items into other creations (like our chicken coop.)  Food waste is a growing issue in the world and it bothers me when I throw away food of any kind, even if it goes into the compost.  Enter pineapple vinegar.  It is made primarily from the leftover peel and core so it is both a delicious and ridiculously thrifty fermented food.  Packed chock full of good-for-you probiotics, we drink it like a shrub (drinking vinegar) by mixed with sparkling water, in a boozy cocktail, use it on salads and to finish pan sauces with chicken and pork.  So make some pineapple vinegar next time you have a pineapple on hand and extend the life of that food source.  Good tasting and frugal – just my speed.

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