Fermented Dill Pickles


I’m a dill pickle girl all the way. My mother’s dill pickles are the #2 thing I can in the house after tomatoes. So imagine my surprise when I found a fermented version that almost rivals my mom’s?

Inspired by cookbook author Amy Thielen, this is not an open crock fermented kosher.  This is closed jar pickle that ferments under pressure, carbonating the pickling liquid and keeping out that mustiness that comes from oxygen contact (not bad, just not this pickle.)  And it’s made with the small cukes, not the giant kosher bombs that look a bit alien in their brine.

These pickles are crisp, sour, salty and a little funky, packed with probiotic goodness from the wild fermentation.  Best yet, they require no hot water bath cooking, just the patience to let them ferment.  When I’m overwhelmed with summer produce, these pickles are a welcomed, easy task.  I just have to pack the jars, pour over the brine, crank down the lid and wait.

Even better?  The carbonated pickling brine makes an amazing cocktail or refreshing tonic.

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