Coriander Flower Liqueur


Volunteer coriander is taking over my garden!  Coriander is another name for cilantro.  The seeds must be bulletproof because they survive our deep freeze winters and sprout immediately in spring.  Every year we try eat as much cilantro as possible, but invariably, it gets away from me, reseeding my entire garden plot.  This year I have a different plan of attack. This year I let it all go, then harvested the tiny flowers to make Coriander Flower Liqueur.

The liqueur is really interesting stuff.  It smells like flowers and tastes like a cross between licorice and sweet carrots with a little bit of cilantro at the end.  I find it similar to St Germaine (elderflower liqueur), Absinth and Fernet Branca.  It would make a perfect after dinner digestif.  We sipped it ice cold out of the freezer last night.  It was also very good with a squeeze of lime and soda water.  I think it would pair equally well with a gin and tonic as it would in a margarita, swinging both ways between savory and fruity.

So next time your coriander runs away from you, catch it in a bottle, with a little vodka.

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