Sour Cherry Love


August 17, 2011

Sour Cherry Preserves and Cherry Pit Vodka

Sour cherries are my favorite fruit to cook with in pie, crisps, tarts, jam and even savory dishes.  My neighbor has a little tree in his front yard that I pine after every June as the handful of cherries ripen.  I covet his tree.  I need more room in my yard.

Last weekend sour cherries from Michigan were on sale at my co-op so I bought a couple of pounds.  I would have purchased more, but a girl only has so much time to pit by hand.  I washed and pitted the lot, then made sour cherry preserves and cherry pit vodka.  I like to use Pomona’s pectin, which calls for less sugar than regular pectin.  Cherry pits do have the tiniest trace amount of cyanide, but not enough to hurt you as far as anyone can tell.

Pitting Sour Cherries
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