Indian Summer Giardiniera Pickle


We are deep in indian summer here in Minnesota.  A couple light frosts have hit the gardens, but produce still continues to ripen, unaware that it’s almost October.  Peppers seem to be the last thing to arrive in the garden, and with 80 degree days, they just keep coming.  To preserve the late bounty of my garden, I made Italian-style giardiniera.

Giardiniera comes from the word giardino, or garden in Italian, and is literally a garden pickle.  The vegetable combination is very flexible, but the flavor profile usually includes at least hot and sweet peppers.  It’s really meant to be made from what you have on hand.  Typically both vinegar and oil are used to preserve it, but I wanted a version that I could preserve with a boiling water bath.  So this is an all-vinegar version which can be dressed with olive oil before serving.  I love this spicy giardiniera chopped up on sandwiches, tossed in pasta salads and eaten along side a nice grilled steak.  So gather up what you have in the garden, from your neighbors or local farmers market, and pickle the best of it before it’s all gone.


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