Middle August


Lazy Day in Middle August with Cat

It was an absolutely beautiful weekend here in Minneapolis; 85 degrees, sunny, low humidity, light breeze.  It rained early Saturday morning so everything was sparkly and fresh.  I spent my Saturday at the farmer’s market and canning, jamming and pickling.  On Sunday I smoked pork shoulder and bratwurst, picked vegetables from my Southside Star garden, grilled them and went grocery shopping.  It was a busy weekend, but with lots of time to kick back and enjoy my backyard.  My cat Susan helped, as you can see.  So did my lime mint gin rickey.  It’s summer, for pete’s sake!

My local co-op had sour cherries, so I made preserves as well as sour cherry pit vodka.  I’m very excited about trying that!  Just take your leftover cherry pits, put them in a bottle and pour vodka over top.  No idea how long it needs to sit, but I’ll start trying it in a week or so.

Sour Cherry Pit Vodka
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