Roasted Salsa Verde


September 23, 2013

Oh, salsa verde, how I love thee. Classic sweet, tangy, spicy green goodness all trapped in a jar. When planning my garden last winter I completely forgot to start a tomatillo plant. Silly me. I won’t make the same mistake next year. Luckily my farmer’s market has these in abundance.

Tomatillos are an often over-looked tomato relative that adds serious pizzazz to salsa, braises and soups. They make dynamite jam and chutney. Used most frequently in Mexican food, their real beauty comes out when you roast them, lending smokey caramel overtones to this already awesome fruit. Combined with fresh chiles and herbs from my garden, this salsa goes directly into my pantry for winter. Salsa verde simmered slowly with pork shoulder in a crock pot will take you straight to taco heaven.

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