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Lazy Day in Middle August with Cat

Middle August

It was an absolutely beautiful weekend here in Minneapolis; 85 degrees, sunny, low humidity, light breeze.  It rained early Saturday morning so everything was sparkly and fresh.  I spent my Saturday at the farmer’s market and canning, jamming and pickling. Read more ›

Summer Family Gathering with Blackberry Apple Crisp

California Dreaming

My family has been at a cabin in northern California along the upper Sacramento river all week. Our cabin is in what was once the town of Delta, a coal and water stop for the railroad over 100 years ago. The houses were mostly owned by the railroad crews, which repaired the rails and manned the stop. Read more ›

Just Toast, Part 1

Bruschetta is a favorite of mine. I just love the concept, because really, it’s just toast. And who doesn’t love toast? A little garlic, good olive oil and salt on top, please keep it coming. Read more ›

Rose on a summertime night.


Summer in Minnesota is woefully brief. I’m not exaggerating when I say it starts on Memorial Day and ends on Labor Day. You have to enjoy it while it lasts. But summer here is also intense, like all of our seasons. This year has been particularly dramatic. Read more ›

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