Coriander Flower Liqueur Recipe


— By Tammy Kimbler


2 cups fresh coriander flowers
1/4 cup sugar
1 1/2 cups vodka


Pick the coriander flowers in the morning when they are fresh and cool.  Try to leave the stems behind or you’ll have cilantro liqueur (not bad either).  I used scissors, which made quick work of the flower heads.

Place flowers in a pint glass jar with a lid.  Add sugar and fill to the top with vodka and top with a lid.  Shake the jar to dissolve the sugar.  Store is a dark cool place for 2 weeks.

After two weeks, strain the liquid, first through a mesh strainer, then through a paper towel, which removes the fine pollen and debris.  Store in the freezer.  I drink it straight up or serve over ice with a squeeze of lime  and a splash of soda.  Tastes like summer.

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