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Spring is coming! Despite the 10 inches of snow we were blessed with last week, there are green patches of grass in the yard. Along with Spring comes a much needed overhaul of my website. I’ve been working on an old platform for far to long and a full conversion to WordPress is required. With the help of my professional colleague, Ms. Courtney Remes from Arrowplane (she’s awesome, hire her!) we have pulled my blog into the current decade. Unfortunately for me, that also means I need to convert my posts to this new platform, as all our attempts to import things have failed. I have a lot of work to do. Darn my prolific blogging nature!

This is my exceedingly roundabout way of explaining where all my blog posts have gone. I hesitate to create many new posts for fear of adding to my huge backlog of work. I continue to blog weekly at Mother Earth News, but in the meantime, my posts will be sparse until my new site comes on line. The new site is clean and modern, mobile friendly and best of all, accessible to me on-the-go, without being tied to my laptop.

In the mean time here’s a quick look at our salsa garden seeds and plants we’ve started in the basement, preparing for the day in late May when the ground is warm and the sun is shining. There’s still time to your start plants indoors. Here’s our list of plants for 2014:


Thai Dragon (Hot Green & Red)
Serrano (Hot Green)
Jamaica Red (Hot Habanero Red)
Trinidad Scorpion (Ridiculously Hot Red)
Ghost (Hotter than Hell Red)
Poblano (Green Mexican Stuffer, a Little Heat)
Rainbow Bells (Classic Bell Peppers in All Colors)

Heirloom Tomatoes:

Ispolini Manilovyi (Pink Beef)
Large Barred Boar (Salad Brown)
Neves Azorean (Salad Red)
Provenzano (Red Oxheart Paste)
Shuntunski Velikan (Red Beef)


Black Beauty (Classic Big Black Italian Variety)


Giant Cape (Extra Large Yellow Variety)

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