The Wild Side


July 13, 2011

Rose with Bumble Bee

Mother Nature is giving me a sign. Not sure if it’s a thumbs up or the finger, but it’s definitely a sign. In the last week my friends and I have encounters wild creatures far to numerous to miss. Saturday I was driving home from my Dowling Community garden and saw an albino squirrel sprinting up a tree. Not unheard of, but still pretty cool. That same night, some gardeners at Dowling posted numerous fox sightings at garden. Late Saturday night around midnight, another friend saw a deer walking down the street in front of his house in the middle of South Minneapolis. And that was just Saturday.

Sunday my friends and I are cruising back from plant shopping, when we see an entire family of twelve wild turkeys cross the road, mom, dad and 10 chicks. The dad even got a little puffed up for us as we slowly drove by. Then Sunday night, one block from my house, I roll up on not one, not two, but four fat raccoons climbing down a tree next to the street. I stopped the car to observe. They looked like a bunch of teenagers who just got caught TPing a house. They looked right at me with a ‘What? We’re just hanging out, dude.’ kind of look, then proceeded about their business.

The topper came on Monday morning. The night before we had a ripping good thunderstorm and downpour. My alarm just went off at 7am and I’m laying there with my cat Susan next to me. Suddenly we hear this “bubble/plunk” sort of noise, like the toilet is backing up. She sits up and we look at each other. There’s no one else in the house. Then a dripping sound starts, like the bath tub faucet is running. Finally Susan and I get up to see what’s going on. I walk in the bathroom to discover a tiny mouse, swimming in my toilet. I can assure you that there are no living mice in my house, because Susan the cat would never stand for that. She is a stone cold killer. The mouse had to come up from the sewer. At this point a good blogger would have gotten her camera, but it was 7am for pete sake. And no, I did not flush the toilet. I got a mason jar, scooped it up and took it outside. Susan was right behind me. She didn’t see where I freed the mouse in the flower bed, but I give the mouse a 25% chance of avoiding Ms. Killer.

So to recap, we had an albino squirrel, a fox, a deer, wild turkeys, raccoons and a sewer mouse. It was a wild wild weekend.

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