Yard Corn


Yard Corn

 I am a garden hoarder. Officially, I have three vegetable gardens; my backyard pottage, my first plot at historic WWII victory garden Dowling Community, and my latest plot at the freshly unveiled Southside Star community garden. Yes, I know, that seems like a lot. And it is, especially when the weeds take hold. But my neighbor down the block had a big patch of open yard where an old dutch elm had been removed, and I though, wow, that would be a great spot for some corn. I mean, it is a grass, right?

We planted miniature Blue Jade sweet corn that only grows 3 ft tall. It was doing great until the enterprising young bunny from the block took a shine to it. The rabbit has devoured about 30% of it. Drat! I tried to get my can interested in staking out the corn patch, but she had better things to do. She had already dispatched our yard bunny to the horror of my 4 year old, but she couldn’t be bothered with this one. That’s somebody else’s problem.

So we’ll wait an see what our little patch brings. Stay tuned, there might be rabbit stew as a homegrown corn substitute.

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