Southside Star Community Garden


Baby vegetables at community garden.

I spent the morning doing my community garden hours at Southside Star. I put together our new 4 stroke weed wacker and did some edging around the garden plots. The Minneapolis tour of gardens is coming up and we want our place to look good. Unfortunately I wore shorts, which is really not the brightest thing to do when weed wacking. I was totally covered in a fine layer of wet grass and weeds, along with numberous nicks on my shins from flying bits of soil. Ouch! I did where eye protection, but next time I’ll remember the long pants.

My garden is finally starting to look good. The vegetables are flowering and there are lots of baby veggies everywhere. The yellow squash and zucchini are producing, although I’ll have to keep a close eye on things now so I don’t end up with baseball bats!

I planted a huge swath of cucumbers, both pickling and salad type, and they are covered in flowers. I like to pickle the little cucs into cornichons, but you have to pick them almost daily or they grow to large. I also planted and Indian cucumber called Poona Kheera, which is white when young, turning rusty brown when large. The are suppose to very crisp and can be used like squash. Have several plants of Parisian Pickling and standard pickling cucs, as well as an Asian thin skinned salad cucumber.

2011 Vegetable Varieties

I always love reading what varieties people plant, so here’s my list of vegetables for this year at Southside Star, in no particular order: Cool Green Honeydew, Orange Flesh Honeydew, Sugar Baby Watermelon, Bright Lights Swiss Chard, Early Wonder Beets, Golden Beets, Red Cabbage,Savoy Cabbage, Early Broccoli, Parisian Pickling Cucumber, Double Yield Cucumber, Poona Kheera Cucumber, Orient Express II Cucumber, Lazy Housewife Poll Beans, Trionfo Violetto Poll Beans, Neon Eggplant, Little Fingers Eggplant, Green Goddess Eggplant, Yellow Banana Pepper, Northern Red Pepper, Orange Sunset Pepper, Garden Salsa Pepper, Howden Pumpkins, Blue Jade Corn, Saffron Squash, Cocozelle Zucchini, Roma, Yellow Brandywine, Amish Paste, Beefsteak, Prudens Purple, Red Flamme, Hillbilly, Carmello, some pink & black Russian ones (can’t remember) and four wildcard volunteers from my garden–who knows what they’d turnout like!

Southside Star Community Garden
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