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Giant Sunflower Head Full of Seeds

Here Comes the Sunflower

Sunflowers are the ultimate garden accessory.  Bright, happy sentinels, they come in knee high to giant varieties, in icy pale white to egg yolk yellow to blazing sunset red colors.  With a little water, average soil and lots of sun, they rarely disappoint.  Read more ›

Heirloom Beefsteak Tomato

Ode to the Tomato

It’s hard for people south of Minnesota to understand how glorious August is for tomatoes.  When California is enjoying tomatoes in June, we are just putting the plants in the ground.  When the red, white and blue of July 4th is loaded with tomato fireworks, we’re watering and pining after our little green orbs. Read more ›

Baby vegetables at community garden.

Southside Star Community Garden

I spent the morning doing my community garden hours at Southside Star. I put together our new 4 stroke weed wacker and did some edging around the garden plots. The Minneapolis tour of gardens is coming up and we want our place to look good. Read more ›

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