Curry Spiced Tofu


Several posts ago I made my first tofu from scratch.  The process, while a bit time consuming, was pretty easy.  Then a few posts later, I made Cumin Jack Cheese, a monterey style jack studded with cumin seed and covered in smoked paprika.  And a thought struck me.  How come I never see flavored tofu?  We add all sorts of things to cheese like peppers, fenugreek, caraway, herbs, dried tomatoes and other spices.  But tofu is always sold plain.  That’s rather strange.  Since I’m making mine from scratch anyways, why not season it first before pressing?  Then it will not require marinading before I cook it.  Eureka!

Inspired by a recent curry dish my sweetie made, I crafted a finely spiced tofu that would be perfect for Indian, Thai and other South East Asian style dishes, or just some fabulously seasoned veggies.  I made soy milk the weekend before using part of the original tofu recipe, then stored the milk in the fridge.  Using toasted cumin, mustard and coriander seeds, plus garam masala and cardamom, I created a soft curry spiced tofu.

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