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Fresh Paneer Cheese

March 24, 2018

Fried, grilled, or baked, paneer is a great fresh cheeses to make from scratch. The delicious milky lemony flavor can be tilted to sweet or savory dishes. Paneer is a lightly pressed cheese, which makes it easy to slice, dice and plank. This is great for one important reason. Paneer doesn’t melt! Read more ›

3 Fresh Cheeses from 1 Recipe

April 15, 2017

Exciting news this month! I wrote an article for the local Twin Cities beer rag, Growler Magazine, with how to make three fresh cheeses from one easy recipe.  Check it out! Read more ›

Unmolded Cumin Jack Cheese

April 7, 2013

Behold!  It’s time to unmold (pun intended) the Cumin Jack Cheese with Smoked Paprika that I made back in January.  After the cheese was coated in smoked paprika and the surface had dried for several days, I coated it in red cheese wax and tucked it into my wine fridge.  Because the cheese is inside the wax, I did not have to add humidity to the fridge as I do for charcuterie and unwaxed cheeses.  The cheese aged for just over two months.  Read more ›

Curry Spiced Tofu

January 27, 2013

Several posts ago I made my first tofu from scratch.  The process, while a bit time consuming, was pretty easy.  Then a few posts later, I made Cumin Jack Cheese, a monterey style jack studded with cumin seed and covered in smoked paprika.  And a thought struck me.  How come I never see flavored tofu?  Read more ›

Cumin Jack Cheese

January 11, 2013

I wish I had a cow.  Then I could make cheese all the time with an endless supply of fresh milk.  When I was a kid we had neighbors with a milk cow.  If we wanted fresh milk we just stopped by the pump house along side the main road and picked up a couple of gallon jars. The first few glasses of milk were the best, since they were loaded with the cream from the top.  That milk would have made dynamite cheese.  Read more ›

A Cheese Makers Guide to Tofu

November 8, 2012

While I may be known for my meat-curing, dairy-loving ways, I really enjoy tofu.  I blame college.  I spent my college days at UC Santa Cruz, the vegan capital of the world.  Vegetarian food was cheap and easy to find in Santa Cruz and tofu was the protein of choice.  I also had a modern dancer for a roommate, so we frequently had tofu in the fridge.  Read more ›