Cumin Jack Cheese


I wish I had a cow.  Then I could make cheese all the time with an endless supply of fresh milk.  When I was a kid we had neighbors with a milk cow.  If we wanted fresh milk we just stopped by the pump house along side the main road and picked up a couple of gallon jars. The first few glasses of milk were the best, since they were loaded with the cream from the top.  That milk would have made dynamite cheese.  When I retire, mark my words:  I’m getting that cow.  But since live in small house in Minneapolis, my Cumin Jack cheese will be decidedly urban, made with milk from my co-op.  

Jack is a great cheese to make at home.  It takes an afternoon and can be eaten in just a months time. While it takes several hours to make, the actual work is pretty minimal. You don’t need a cheese press as the weight applied to the cheese is very light. The finished cheese is waxed and aged for one to four months, depending on the desired sharpness. When made with whole milk, Jack is a semi-soft cheese.  This version is spiced with cumin seeds and smoked paprika.  My goal was to create a creamy melting cheese laced with earthy, smokey flavors that would be perfect on a cheese board, tacos or in fondue.

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