Just Toast, Part 2


Summer Party Spread

Part 2 of my bruschetta post has recipes for a couple more advanced toppings. By advanced I mean you have to know how to boil water and use a food processor.

The Ricotta & Corn spread for bruschetta is only advanced if you make your own ricotta, which I strongly encourage you to try. It is ridiculously easy and the same price or less than store bought, with superior better quality. Just pick up an extra gallon of whole milk and a lemon the next time you’re at the store. It’s no harder than boiling pasta and the results are amazing. You’ll never eat that grainy stuff next to the cottage cheese aisle again.

I’ve been meaning to make Spuma di Tonna for a number of years, but never found the right application. I was also a bit skeptical. Blended tuna? The texture could be terrible. Boy was I wrong. This is so good! I sat up late after my garden party and consumed the leftovers on the couch at 1am. All for me…

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