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Summercrisp Pear Infused Vodka

Last summer I got an urgent call from Molly McNeil, local produce, duck egg and yoga goddess, from Minnesota Peach Farm. “Hey, Tammy, want a case of pears? They’re about to go bad and I can’t move them. Maybe you can make cider with them or something.” I love this town. So I say “Yes, of course I want them! Come on over!” The case of Summercrisp Pears arrived on my porch, looking a little beat up, but smelling like a dream. Read more ›

Apple Sour Cherry Cider

On a lovely fall day a few weeks ago, my foodie compatriots Molly McNeil and Meighan McGuire helped me make a big batch of Apple Sour Cherry Cider.  I’ve recently become fascinated with preserving food by making booze. Read more ›

Pickled Duck Eggs

My friend Molly McNeil is a busy woman.  She slings farm-to-table food for a couple great food trucks, she does catering gigs, and in her spare time, she’s a yoga instructor.  But her secret sideline?  Duck eggs.  Yep, the girl is packing those pale blue beauties on a regular basis, suppling restaurants and a few lucky friends with fresh duck eggs.  Read more ›