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Single-Serving Crockpot Yogurt

Yogurt is a staple in my house where we make it by the half gallon. But constantly dipping a spoon in to the big container turns the yogurt into a slimy, runny mess. I’m encouraging my daughter to eat more yogurt, but one look in the tub yields an instant ‘No thanks, Mom.’ Enter, the single-serving yogurt jar. I had never tried making these before without a yogurt maker, but thanks to the arrival of a crockpot in our house, now was the time. Read more ›

Homemade Kefir and Pancakes

I’ve been a little hard on kefir.  As a kid I thought it was something only “health food nuts” would buy it at the co-op along with wheat grass juice and granola.  Our neighbors, who lived off the grid back in the 1970s, made kefir with milk from their goats.  Goat’s milk I could almost handle as a kid, but fermented goat’s milk?  No way.  I’ve been rather bias against kefir ever since.  

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