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Oranges, Taronjes, Naranjas

December 3, 2016

És la temporada de taronja! It’s orange season! I just returned from a visit to Barcelona, that spectacular city on the Catalan coast.  While technically in Spain, the Catalan people beg to differ. Read more ›

Pickled Dilly Beans

August 11, 2015

Summer holds such promise – big, bountiful gardens, lots of fruits and vegetables, excellent foraging and amazing farmer’s markets.  In deep winter I plan all the amazing things I will do with summer produce, along with the great blog posts I will make to accompany them.  Then summer hits me like a full bucket of water, and I am deluged with the harvest. Read more ›

Stout Beer Pickled Onions

Stout Beer Pickled Onions

January 20, 2014

What do you pickle in the middle of winter?  As I stare at the snow drifts out the kitchen window, I find I am at a real loss for something seasonal to pickle.  I have loads of pickled cucumbers and okra in the cupboard, but Read more ›

Spicy Pickled Okra

August 26, 2013

I have a vivid memory from when I was a little girl of hiding beneath a long row of plants in my Mother’s garden. It was a very hot day and these tall plants made a good shady place to sit.  Plate-sized leaves floated above my head and huge yellow flowers dotted the foliage.  I felt like Alice in Wonderland, except I was sitting in the okra patch. Read more ›

Tarragon Pickled Eggs

June 27, 2013

The first cucumber pickles I make for the season are French cornichons, those tiny sour gherkins that light up a summer picnic or brighten up a winter roast.  Alas, the summer vegetable garden will be very, very late this year due to a protracted rainy spring.  My pickling cucumbers are barely vines yet and pickles may have to wait until August.   Read more ›

Pickled Duck Eggs

July 16, 2012

My friend Molly McNeil is a busy woman.  She slings farm-to-table food for a couple great food trucks, she does catering gigs, and in her spare time, she’s a yoga instructor.  But her secret sideline?  Duck eggs.  Yep, the girl is packing those pale blue beauties on a regular basis, suppling restaurants and a few lucky friends with fresh duck eggs.  Read more ›

Cornichon Cucumber Patch


August 6, 2011

My garden is moving into high gear after our serious heat and humidity last week.  Eggplant, green beans, broccoli, sunflowers, zucchini, crookneck squash, chard and peppers are all producing well. The only thing lagging behind are my tomatoes. Read more ›