Kowgirl Chili


Yep, my dad is a bona fide cowboy.  I grew up on a ranch with horses and cows, rodeos and hay.  Dad was always a pretty good cook, especially for BBQs, big family get togethers and branding round ups.  Now he can add “Chile Champ” to list, winning a local cook-off in the Fresno, California area.  He made about 2 gallons of chili and not a drop was left.  The judges agreed.  

So of course I needed his recipe.  My dad’s chili uses lots of powdered spices and vegetables, and all meat with no beans, which is Texas-style.  I was inspired to use the same spice profile, but make a more vegetable-based version.  Although it’s not strictly vegetarian, because I use bacon fat and pork stock.  My chili is more like a chile colorado than an American chili, because it has pure ancho chile instead of a premixed chili powder.  Below you will find my dad’s award-winning original, and my inspired-by recipe.  Next time I have a big BBQ, though, I’m totally making the original.  Yee haw!

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