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Lazy Citrus Marmalade

Why marmalade?  Marmalade captures the bittersweet tangy brilliance that is citrus and preserve it for later in the year – like summer. I think that one of the only redeeming parts of winter is citrus fruit. I hate the cold and I live in Minnesota, so this is for reals.  Read more ›

Mandarin Orange Grapefruit Liqueur & the Four Muses Cocktail

One of my favorite ways to preserve citrus is by making boozy concoctions (you may have noticed) because the alcohol really captures the essence of the fruit flavor.  That, and if I am forced to by crappy or ridiculously expensive Triple Sec in July, I may loose my mind. Read more ›

August Farm Dinner

We are driving down the blacktop through the Minnesota country side, rolling past corn fields, red barns and pastures full of cows.  Clouds are threatening a little rain, but I’m hoping they will pass.  I’m looking up ahead for the road to the farm.  We finally turnoff onto a quiet dirt road, then pull into a grassy parking lot next to an old farm house and a very modern row of greenhouses.  Read more ›

Dried Strawberries

Strawberry season is in full swing!  Well, not in Minnesota.  My strawberry plants are still sleeping under six inches of snow.   But strawberries are plentiful in Florida, Louisiana and California right now.  And while we do have to truck them into the state, the season makes them fresh and affordable.  Read more ›