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Extra Smoky Tomato Jam

Tomatoes keep straggling into my kitchen from my fall garden, rather scarred, cracked and water-logged. A week of rain and cool temps have left them a little worse for wear, but they gallantly keep right on producing. In my book, the best way to work with these late season tomatoes is to concentrate their flavors by cooking them down into something thick and rich, like Smoky Tomato Jam. Read more ›

Pickled Duck Eggs

My friend Molly McNeil is a busy woman.  She slings farm-to-table food for a couple great food trucks, she does catering gigs, and in her spare time, she’s a yoga instructor.  But her secret sideline?  Duck eggs.  Yep, the girl is packing those pale blue beauties on a regular basis, suppling restaurants and a few lucky friends with fresh duck eggs.  Read more ›

Kitchen in the Market Food Photography Class

Get Schooled

Cooking, gardening and preserving come easily to me.  Food photography does not.  Rarely does an image just appear, fully formed and lovely.  I work very hard at it most of the time.  Then there’s the technical side of photography, which I’m always forgetting.  What is aperture again?  Which one of these numbers is my shutter speed?  Is focal length important?  Damn it!  Why is this picture so dark and blurry?!  Sometimes, you just need help.

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