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Know Your Farmer

This is the first of new series of posts on this blog called “Know Your Farmer.” Here I’ll be posting stories and profiles of the people and organizations that grow, raise, make and sell my food. From farmers and ranchers, to backyard chickens raisers, from apple orchards to beekeepers, from farmer’s markets and bakers, to the butcher down the street, this network of people make a food system that is transparent, accountable and delicious. Read more ›

Dried Apples and Apple Dust

I am constantly creating new healthy items that are easy to pop into lunches or have for snacks.  Since it’s the middle of winter, my local apple orchard isn’t exactly open.  But my coop had several bags of “seconds” organic apples for only 99¢ a pound.  Time to fire up the dehydrator. Read more ›