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Cranberry Mustard

December 1, 2012

My giant jar of Stout Beer Mustard finally ran out. Always one to try something new, I pondered what kind of mustard to make next. There are so many possibilities! But with the holidays around the corner and a jeweled bag of Wisconsin cranberries in the fridge, a festive mustard was in order. Could cranberries and mustard go together? The trick was to find the right balance between bitter, sour, sweet and salty. Read more ›

Stout Beer Mustard

July 5, 2012

I have a mustard-lover in my house.  He eats mustard with everything; sandwiches, salad dressing, marinades, cheese, sausages, steak, veggies, you name it.  I don’t even buy mustard anymore because it would put me in the poor house.  So I like to make my own, in volume, a quart at a time.  It’s ridiculous.  

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