One tomato, two tomato


A chronicle of my adventures growing, preserving, cooking and eating from my garden and everywhere.

RECIPE INDEX - Alphabetical


Apple Blackberry Crisp

Apples, Dried

Apple Dust, Dried


Bacon, Guanciale Pork Jowl

Bacon, Honey Pepper

Bacon, Maple Cured

Bacon, Sichuan Canadian

Bitters, Ginseng

Bitters, Juniper


Burdock Root, Buttered


Chanterelles, Oven-Dried

Chanterelles, Sautéed in Butter

Cheese, Cow Milk Feta

Cheese, Cream

Cheese, Cumin Jack

Cheese, Radish Dill Cream

Cheese, Ricotta Fresh  

Chicken with Garlic Chili Snap Peas

Chili, Dad’s Award-Winning Kowchip Chili

Chili, Kowgirl

Cider, Apple Sour Cherry

Cocktail, Cranberry Juniper Twist

Cocktail, Ginseng Zing

Confit, Pork Parmentier

Corned Beef, Homemade

Corned Beef, Mussaman


Dandelion Shrub

Dried Apple Dust

Dried Apples

Dried Strawberries

Dried Tomatoes with Herbs


Garden & Garlic Scape Pesto Couscous



Ham, Scotch Whisky Juniper


Infused Vodka, Sour Cherry Pit


Jam, Damson Plum Cheese w/ Meyer Lemon

Jam, Sour Cherry Preserves


Kefir Milk, Homemade

Kefir Whole Wheat Pancakes

Key Lime Pickle


Lard, Rendering Pastured Pork


Mango Salsa with Key Lime Pickle

Marmalade, Seville Blood Orange

Marmalade, Small Batch Kumquat

Mulberry Yogurt Parfait

Mushroom, Lobsters Bisque

Mushrooms, Morels Sautéed w/Garlic, Sherry & Cream

Mushrooms, Wild Oyster Scramble

Mustard, Cranberry

Mustard, Stout Beer


Nutella, Naked


Panna Cotta, Buttermilk Vanilla

Paté Campagne

Paté, Chicken Liver & Duck Confit

Pickled Asian Eggs

Pickled Deviled Eggs

Pickled Duck Eggs

Pickled French-Style Cornichons

Pickled Spicy Okra

Pickled Spiced Beets

Pickled Spicy Turnip Kimchi

Pickled Tarragon Eggs

Pickled Turkish Eggs

Pickles, Indian Summer Giardiniera

Pickles, Judy’s Dill

Pickles, Spicy Ginger Mustard

Peach Yogurt Fruit Leather

Preserved Lemons

Preserved Lemons, Lentils and Hot Paprika

Rhubarbarian Cocktail

Pumpkin Seeds, Mussaman Spiced


Rillettes, Pork Jam

Rhubarbarian Cocktail


Salsa de Chile por Mis Amigos

Salsa, Roasted Chile Tomatillo

Salsa, Roasted Garden

Salsa Verde, Roasted

Sausage, Garlic

Sausage, Garlic Ravioli

Sourdough Starter, Kitchen Sink

Sourdough, Whole Grain Buns

Spread, Ricotta & Corn

Spread, Spuma di Tonna (Tuna)

Spread, Tomato & Basil

Spread, White Bean & Olive

Strawberries, Dried

Swiss Chard, Sautéed

Syrup, Cranberry Ginger Simple

Syrup, Soda Pop

Syrup, Spiced Ginger Simple


Tahini from Scratch

Tart, Not My Mother’s Apple Pie

Tart, Roasted Butternut Squash & Bacon

Terrine, Grilled Vegetable

Tofu, Curry Spiced

Tofu, Extra Firm Homemade

Tomato Broth, Canned

Tomato Corn Chowder with Bacon

Tomatoes, Dried with Herbs

Tomato Paste, Canned

Tomato, Rustic Sauce

Tomato, Summer Harvest Salad

Tomato, Yellow Tomato Wine

Tomatoes, Canned

Tomatoes, Pressure Canned


Wine, Yellow Tomato


Yogurt, Greek

Yogurt, Single-Serving Crockpot

POST INDEX  - Topical

Boozy Concoctions & Drinks

Apple Sour Cherry Cider

Cranberry Ginger Simple Syrup

Cranberry Juniper Twist Cocktail

Dandelion Shrub

Ginseng Bitters and a Cocktail

Ginseng Zing Cocktail

Juniper Bitters

Rhubarbarian Cocktail

Soda Pop Syrup

Sour Cherry Love

Sour Cherry Pit Vodka

Spiced Ginger Simple Syrup

Stout Beer Mustard

Yellow Tomato Wine

Curing, Charcuterie & Salumi

Bresaola Heaven


Chicken Liver & Duck Confit Paté

Curing Guanciale at Home

Garlic Sausage

Garlic Sausage Ravioli

Grass-Fed Beef Jerky
Grilled Vegetable Terrine

Home Corned Beef

Honey Pepper Bacon

Maple Cured Bacon

Mussaman Corned Beef

Paté Campagne

Pork Confit Parmentier

Pork Jam

Rendering Pastured Pork Lard

Scotch Whisky Juniper Ham

Sichuan Canadian Bacon

Smoked Salt Mustard Maple Jerky

Tomato Corn Chowder with Bacon

Winter Charcuterie Dinner Party

Dairy, Cheese & the Like

A Cheese Maker’s Guide to Tofu

Buttermilk Vanilla Panna Cotta

Cow Milk Feta Cheese

Cumin Jack Cheese

Curry Spiced Tofu

Extra Firm Tofu

Fresh Ricotta Cheese

Greek Yogurt

Homemade Kefir and Pancakes

Radish Dill Cream Cheese

Ricotta & Corn Spread

Single-Serving Crockpot Yogurt

Whole Wheat Kefir Pancakes


Apple Dust

Dried Apples

Dried Strawberries

Dried Tomatoes with Herbs

Garlic Chili Teriyaki Jerky

Oven-Dried Chanterelles

Peach Yogurt Fruit Leather

Smoked Salt Mustard Maple Jerky


Apple Sour Cherry Cider

Homemade Kefir

Key Lime Pickle

Kitchen Sink Sourdough Starter

Mango Salsa with Key Lime Pickle

Spicy Turnip Kimchi

Whole Grain Sourdough Buns

Whole Wheat Kefir Pancakes

Yellow Tomato Wine

Foraging & Cooking Wild Foods

Accidental Mushroom Forager

Buttered Burdock Root

Dandelion Shrub

Foraged Burdock Part Deux

Garden Couscous & Garlic Scape Pesto

Hunting Morels

I Love the Smell of Apricots in the Morning

Lobster Mushroom Bisque

Lobster Mushrooms   

Much Ado About Mulberries

Mulberry Yogurt Parfait

Oven-Dried Chanterelles

Sautéed Chanterelles in Butter

Sautéed Morels, Garlic, Sherry & Cream

What’s Up Burdock?

Wild Oyster Mushroom Scramble

Gardening & Farmer’s Markets

August Farm Dinner

First Tomato

Here Comes the Sunflower

How Does My Garden Grow

Know Your Farmer

Middle August

Midtown Farmer’s Market

My Brother’s Garden

Ode to the Tomato

Seed Starting for Beginners

Southside Star Garden


The Great Minnesota Get Together 2013

The Wild Side

Yard Corn


Asian Pickled Eggs


Deviled Pickled Eggs

Indian Summer Giardiniera Pickle

Judy’s Dill Pickles

Key Lime Pickle

Mango Salsa with Key Lime Pickle

Pickled Duck Eggs

Preserved Lemons, a Winter Cure

Spicy Ginger Mustard Pickles

Spiced Pickled Beets

Spicy Pickled Okra

Tarragon Pickled Eggs

Turkish Pickled Eggs

Canning & Jams

Canned Tomato Broth

Canned Tomato Paste

Canning Love Apples

Cranberry Mustard

Damson Plum Cheese w/Meyer Lemon

Marmalade Madness

Preserved Spiced Rhubarb

Pressure Canned Tomatoes

Roasted Chile Tomatillo Salsa

Roasted Garden Salsa

Roasted Salsa Verde

Salsa de Chile por Mis Amigos

Seville Blood Orange Marmalade

Small Batch Kumquat Marmalade

Sour Cherry Love

Sour Cherry Preserves

Tomato in Two Acts

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