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Ginseng Bitters Recipe

By Tammy Kimbler


4 oz vodka

4 tea bags of pure ginseng or

1 oz dried sliced ginseng or

1 medium fresh ginseng root (about 4 inches long), thinly sliced


Steep the ginseng and vodka together for at least 1 month.  Strain.  In a taste test we discovered that the best tasting bitters were made with the dried sliced American ginseng.  It had a clean, zingy flavor.  Second best was the fresh ginseng root, followed by the tea.  The tea just didn't have much kick, but still kept the bitterness.  You can find American ginseng at local co-ops or buy direct from Wisconsin at Hsu's Ginseng Enterprises, Inc or other Wisconsin growers online.

Ginseng Zing Cocktail Recipe

By Tammy Kimbler


1/2 shot ginseng bitters

1/2 shot vodka or whisky

juice of 1 orange

juice of 1 lime

1 shot spiced ginger simple syrup (below)

champagne, ginger beer or soda

1/2"x2" strip orange rind

orange rind twists


In a shaker with one or two cubes of ice, combine ginseng bitters, vodka or whisky, orange & lime juices and ginger simple syrup.  Shake hard.  Fill champagne glasses up half way and top with champagne, ginger beer or soda, if you want less of a kick.  Top the champagne with a squeeze of orange rind, then hang a twist on the rim.  Enjoy the benefits!

Spiced Ginger Simple Syrup Recipe

By Tammy Kimbler


2" piece fresh ginger, sliced thin

1 tbs coriander seed

1" piece fresh turmeric, sliced thin, or 1 tsp powdered

1 1/4c water

1 c sugar


Combine ginger, coriander and turmeric with water.  Simmer on low for 20 minutes, then let steep for 1 hour off heat.  Strain.  You should have about 1 cup of liquid (other wise top off with a bit more water).  Add sugar and heat to dissolve.  Cool.

Fresh American ginseng form Wisconsin
Dried American ginseng form Wisconsin
ginseng bitters with dried, powdered, fresh
ginseng zing cocktail recipe
ginseng zing cocktail recipe

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