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Single-Serving Crockpot Yogurt Recipe

By Tammy Kimbler


1/2 gallon whole milk

1/4 cup plain yogurt or yogurt culture


Bring the milk to a simmer, or scalding as Grandma use to say, 185 degrees if you’re keeping track.  This heating makes for thicker yogurt by denaturing the proteins.*  Let the milk cool to around 117 degrees.  Over 120 will kill the culture, under 108 will slow down the process.  Add the culture blended with a little cool milk.  Pour the mixture into clean glass jars, leaving a little headroom for mix-ins later. 

Fill your crockpot vessel with warm water that’s around 112 degrees.  You can also heat the water in the crockpot, but I found that warm tap water is quicker.   Load your crockpot up with jars.  Mine easily fit 8, 1/2 pints and 5, 1/4 pint jars with lids.  Check the temp after it’s loaded and adjust with warm or cold water as needed.  I just leave a thermometer in the pot.  Put the lid on and wrap your TURNED OFF and/or UNPLUGGED crockpot in a fluffy towel for 4-6 hours.*  Refrigerate your yogurt for several hours and you’re ready to go.

You can leave your yogurt in the crockpot for longer, but this does tend to produce a more sour product.  You can also use lowfat or nonfat milk, but it won’t be as thick and it will taste very sour.  For a real treat, try making a version with cream or half and half.  Can I say dessert?

*In the mistake department on my second batch of this yogurt, I accidentally left my crockpot on low for several hours with my yogurt starter in it.  (I thought it was off!)  While no actual harm was done to the milk, and I had to add more yogurt starter, it made for weirdly slimy, viscus yogurt.  Edible, but not that pleasant.  So do your self a favor and unplug the crockpot!

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