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Dried Tomatoes with Herbs

The tomatoes just keep coming.  Minnesota is having a very delayed summer with the heat moving well into September, so my garden is still going strong.  At the moment, I have put up about 36 quarts of tomatoes, 16 pints of salsa, two gallons of dried tomatoes, and more tomatoes are on the way.  I think we’re set for the winter, don’t you?  

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Peach Yogurt Fruit Leather


My dehydrator has been working overtime this summer preserving all sorts of fruits and vegetables.  Colorado Peaches just showed up in my local market and I grabbed a bunch.  But fresh peaches don’t last long.  My daughter likes packing them in her lunch, but they bruise easily.  I’ve been meaning to try making fruit leather and these peaches looked like the perfect opportunity. Read more ›

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