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Know Your Farmer

This is the first of new series of posts on this blog called “Know Your Farmer.” Here I’ll be posting stories and profiles of the people and organizations that grow, raise, make and sell my food. From farmers and ranchers, to backyard chickens raisers, from apple orchards to beekeepers, from farmer’s markets and bakers, to the butcher down the street, this network of people make a food system that is transparent, accountable and delicious. Read more ›

Rendering Pastured Pork Lard

Rendering your own lard is a snap.  Lard does wonderful things to food, making pastries flakey, deep fried foods crispy and sautés profoundly flavorful.  But the most important component of good tasting lard is the source of the pork fat.  Read more ›

A chronicle of my adventures growing, preserving, cooking and eating from my garden and everywhere.