Small Batch Canned Bloody Mary Mix Recipe


— By Tammy Kimbler


3 1/2 c fresh tomato juice or tomato water
1 tsp citric acid or 2 tbs bottled lemon juice
1 tbs Worcestershire sauce
1 tsp tabasco or other hot sauce to taste
juice of 1 lime
1 tsp smoked salt or kosher salt
1 1.5″x4″ horseradish leaf or 1 tsp prepared horseradish root
1 4″x4″ lovage leaf or celery leaf


If you don’t have tomato juice leftover from canning tomatoes, take 4 lbs of fresh summer tomatoes (think 4 big beefsteak tomatoes), chop them fine and set them, seeds, skins and all, over a fine colander for one hour, pressing occasionally with your hands.  This should give you about 4 cups of juice.

Clean a one quart canning jar with hot soapy water.  Rinse and set aside.  Start a pot of boiling water large enough to hold your quart jar comfortably.

Combine tomato juice, citric acid or lemon juice, Worcestershire sauce, hot sauce, lime juice and salt in a sauce pan. Bring to a simmer.  Set heat to low while the boiling water bath comes to temp.

Once the hot water bath is boiling, ladle the hot juice mixture into the quart jar and add the horseradish and lovage leaves (or prepared horseradish and celery).  Top with a canning lid, then lower into the hot water bath.  Process for 45 minutes.

This recipe may be multiplied for as many quarts as needed.

To use, add 2 parts Bloody Mary mix to 1 part vodka or beer over ice.  Serve with a pickle spear or celery stick, plus a grind of black pepper.

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