Kitchen Sink Sourdough Starter Recipe


— By Tammy Kimbler


1.5 cups organic spelt flour or other grain flour
1.5 cups water
ground, cracked, flaked or rolled grains
cooked grains
cooked potatoes


The basics of sourdough starter are simple.  Mix minimally processed grain flours with equal parts water in a non-reactive container with plenty of head space.  Cover loosely with a towel or cheese cloth.  Wild yeasts in the air or yeasts already resident in the grain will inoculate the mixture and ferment.  Stir every day for about a week until the starter smells “yeasty”, slightly sour and looks bubbly.  Your sourdough starter is now ready to use and must be fed occasionally to keep it active.  I leave my on the countertop and feed it at least once a week with either leftover cooked grains like our breakfast oatmeal, or throw in a handful of various types of grains, all mixed with water to keep the starter a thick liquid.  If you get tired of feeding it, put it in a mason jar with  a lid and stash it in the back of the refrigerator.  Rejuvenate it by feeding it daily at room temperature until it’s once again bubbly.

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