Barrel Aged Vodka Recipe


December 20, 2015 — By Tammy Kimbler


1 liter medium charred oak bourbon barrel


1 liter vodka


If your barrel is new, follow the instruction to hydrate the barrel or you’ll find your vodka leaking out.  If your barrel has already been in use, rinse well a few times with hot water.

Fill the barrel with vodka. Three months in, taste the vodka and see what you think.  Small barrels actually age faster than big barrels, so depending on the char in your barrel, it might be ready sooner than you think.  If you want more flavor, let it age longer.  Mine was ready at six months.

Decant the vodka into a container, then filter it through a coffee filter or fine toweling.  The barrels frequently shed little bits of wood, which cloud your vodka and would be highly unpleasant to drink.  Pour into bottles.  Enjoy!


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